"Wherever you are,
and whatever you do,
be in love."
- Rumi

Witnessing and honouring each other at major and subtle life thresholds is a powerful way of demonstrating & embodying our love.
It's how we say: "I see you - I hear you - and I'm here." Whether it's an elaborate wedding or an intimate gathering over a single candle - with the right intention the repercussions can be immense, profound and beautiful. 


New Beginnings

A blessingway ceremony can apply to any circumstances of transition or change - whereby beloveds gather to 'bless the way.' 
e.g. individuals approaching significant change such as marriage or parenthood, celebrating the launch of a new business, creative project or product, rejoicing in the decision to return to study/education - even getting a new pet! - the options are eternal & endless - (and exciting!)


New Home

What better way to mark a new chapter than to gather your nearest and dearest and fill your new home with love, laughter & delicious treats! A house blessing offers a gorgeous "warming" of your new space and can be a beautiful opportunity to articulate your intentions, desires or prayers for your new home and all who enter it for as long as it holds you. 


New Job / Retirement

A career change, new job or reaching the wonderful chapter of retirement can be made all the more joyous by a blessing ceremony. The intention is to gather around the individual in encouragement, to deeply witness them in this transition - to honour all that has brought them to this point & send them forth into the next chapter with support, blessings & love.