"Amy's music is a mosaic of folk, rock, blues and devotion.
She sings from the heart and rocks from the soul."

Raised west of Sydney, in the cloud-cloaked villages of the Blue Mountains, my music is rooted in the eucalyptus and wood-smoke of an Australian winter. The daughter of a watchmaker, my most recent EP album ‘Watchmaker’s Daughter’ explores the universal themes of time, hope & love.
I elaborated on this topic as a performer/speaker at London’s TEDxconference, exploring our perspective of ‘time’ & encouraging people to use timepieces as a gentle reminder to embrace small moments with gratitude.



Let Us Say I Do

C’mon Australia: Let Us Say I Do.

A Marriage Equality anthem for Australia - and a celebration for anyone who believes in Love.

This track was made possible by the generous contributions of so many - right across the globe. 

A fitting reminder that we belong to each other, and at the end of the day, love works.


Open With Love

Written by Amy Firth, Neil Deuchar & the OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary class of 2016, this song is an offering of friendship & devotion. Available on Youtube and for download and streaming via Soundcloud.  

Watchmaker's Daughter

The daughter of a watchmaker, my most recent EP album ‘Watchmaker’s Daughter’ explores the universal themes of time, hope & love.
Features piano accompaniment from the gorgeously talented Annalie Wilson.

Rise Sister Rise

Surrender to what is rising to you with the sacred chant that is forever resounding within the soul of every woman. Created and recorded with best selling author Rebecca Campbell.

Meant For The Stage

In memory of Blair ‘Good Times’ Milan, this fundraising single of ‘Meant For The Stage’ as sung by Amy Firth at Blair’s wake raised over $1000 for the Blair Milan fund and Leukemia Foundation.

What She Said

Recorded in Edinburgh in 2012, this three track EP  was published via Undercurrent Record label and features Arms of Paris, Aeroplane and Wish You Awake.



In 2013 I founded The Vulnerability Project, a conversation about creativity and courage which aims to shine light into the dark corners that can often accompany a creative livelihood. An online forum where artists/creatives/entrepreneurs/ passionate humans discuss what it’s like to lean into that space of unease/fear/discomfort in the name of courage, creativity & connection.

By sharing our stories and experiences it's our hope that we can gain inspiration & energy from each other & create a community of big hearted, brave, compassionate people who breed courage & authenticity. 
Join the courageous conversation: #saytheVword
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