To live in this world you must be able to do three things: 
to love what is mortal; 
to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; 
and, when the time comes to let it go, 
to let it go.
- Mary Oliver

Creating a ceremony to mourn and honour the ending of an intimate relationship can provide an oft overlooked opportunity for deeper healing. A Separation or Divorce Ceremony mindfully unbinds the emotional and/or spiritual ties of a relationship in a way that offers clarity and closure whilst supporting individuals to embrace the future with gratitude, hope and courage.

NB: It may take some time before individuals feel open to a separation or divorce ceremony, and it's enormously important to honour the intricate grieving process. This ceremony truly serves those involved when they are open to viewing the relationship with forgiveness, gratitude and conciliation. 


Ceremony for a Couple

Creating a sacred space where the relationship can be honoured for all its gifts, including the challenges, is a powerful acknowledgement that the separation or divorce is not a sign of failure, it was a inevitable consequence of change and circumstances. It can assist both parties to feel a sense of closure and moving forward.

The ceremony may take place with just the two involved or, often a small but close group of family and friends are invited to attend the intimate ceremony, drawing together wider family affected by the separation, e.g children, in-laws, common community of friends. Witnessing a ceremony that recognises divorce with compassion and clarity creates the opportunity to honour the deep communal impact of this life transition for all involved. 


Ceremony for an Individual

Divorce or separation is a time of enormous challenge bringing upheaval, uncertainty and also new horizons and possibilities. Heartbreak holds the potential to transform the lives of those of us who endure it.  There is no denying that it’s a deeply painful journey, one that takes courage and an ongoing personal commitment to healing. 

An individual healing ceremony addressing separation creates the opportunity for voicing, affirming and honouring the changes, the lessons and the heartbreak. It's a sacred space to surrender, invite the healing and welcome the new chapters that lay ahead. It may take place with a small gathering of trusted beloveds, inviting your support network to witness and affirm you in this transition.