Rites of Passage

"The Divine Feminine is a recognition of the multi-faceted divinity that a woman was born anointed with. It is the knowledge that she is capable of a vast and often confounding duality to be both shadow and light, powerful and vulnerable
Birthing both life and death, bringer of chaos and harmony, student and shaman."
- Leigh Steel

I believe deeply in the importance of marking the prominent and subtle transitions we move through in life and feel there is profound healing available to us by witnessing each other at these sacred thresholds. I'm particularly passionate about Rites Of Passage ceremony for girls and women and I offer a variety of bespoke rituals to honour & affirm the ever-shifting stages of womanhood. Anchored in the natural rhythms of our bodies we craft ceremony in tune with our moon cycle which connects us to every woman and all the women who have gone before us. 



The transition for adolescent girls into womanhood can be an awkward, embarrassing and complex time. Creating a menarche ceremony to honour and rejoice in these changes creates the opportunity for a young woman to be affirmed and welcomed by her family and elders. The intention is to witness and welcome the young woman in a safe & loving initiation - to celebrate the miracle that is a woman's body, whilst welcoming the young woman into this new stage of her life - witnessed, supported and affirmed by the women who have gone before her. 



Weaving ritual into our womanhood is a profound way to continuously witness and support each other through the shifting landscapes.  The "Mother" years relates to a woman in her fullest bloom - and Rites of Passage rituals throughout this time may include blessing-ways for marriage, honouring professional success and/or celebrating a change of career, rejoicing in pregnancy, childbirth and/or the birth of creations of any sort.  The intention is to lean into the ancient, primal power that emerges when women gather around each other.



Rejoicing in the Wise Woman offers an opportunity to honour the third phase of life often celebrated at age 50 or with menopause. Crossing the threshold into Cronehood can be a major event in a woman's life. It's a celebration of all that you've learned, and all that you will come to know in the future. This third cycle of your life is the one in which you become an elder. You have a lifetime of achievements behind you, and decades more to look forward to. The word Crone should now be a word of power for you, so let's celebrate it. You've earned it!