Relationship Blessing

"Let there be spaces in your togetherness,
and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. 
Love one another but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls..."
- Kahlil Gibran

I see wedding ceremonies and relationship blessings as festivals of Love, and it is blessed privilege to accompany a couple on the journey that leads to their marriage ceremony. Every relationship is unique and a bespoke, sacred ceremony that reflects your deepest intentions and beliefs creates a fitting foundation for the unfolding chapters of your life and your love.  
I'm passionate about couples being guided to explore and affirm the commitment they are making. I provide guidance and counselling in the months leading up to the ceremony where the couple can explore and articulate their expectations & intentions. This deep inquiry also helps empower couples to create vows that reflect their unique relationship & affirms their love in a way that is rich, powerful & deeply meaningful. 

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Love is Love. I am passionate about marriage equality and am devoted to creating relationship blessings for all couples. We have seen enormous progress in this space and I remain hopeful that my native Australia will soon allow all relationships to receive the legal rights they deserve under Australian law. Until that time, I remain committed to fighting the good fight to see these laws changed - and devoted to creating love celebrations for couples of all genders, non-binary genders and sexual orientations. 


Renewal of Vows 

A vow renewal ceremony gives a couple the opportunity to reflect on what they truly mean to each other and affirm vows based on the experience and shifting landscape of their unfolding love over the years. It is a moving and profound declaration that serves to celebrate, honour & revitalise your commitment & relationship.  
"If a wedding of the heart is the anchor, then a vow renewal is the ocean floor in which the anchor embeds itself."



All weddings and civil partnership ceremonies have a legal element in order to recognise the marriage in law. As the present time, in England, Wales and Australia, you will need to hold a separate short legal formality with a Registrar to make the marriage or civil partnership legal.
In Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, OneSpirit Interfaith ministers can also complete the legal element of a marriage ceremony, without any need for a Registrar to be involved.


Hampshire, UK - June 2017

Hampshire, UK - June 2017

"Amy is wonderful... She took the time to understand both of us, both separately and together - who we were and what makes us tick. Her own openness encouraged us to be open, and the seriousness with which she treated us, our values, concerns and hopes allowed us to delve all the deeper into what our marriage would mean to us.

Together, we crafted a ceremony that was at once intensely personal to us, but that also drew in and gave space to our congregation. Even those more sceptical about 'all this hippy nonsense', including Caroline's mum who is a practising christian, were absolutely reassured and won over by how sacred the ceremony was.

The language Amy chose and the way she spoke to us and to everyone there, meant that we were all completely present to take part in the ritual of marriage. And our marriage will be all the stronger for Amy's skills in uncovering and exploring what we understood and wanted from it. She made us feel as prepared as we can be for this next stage of our lives..."

- Caroline & Joe, London
July 2017

Sofala, Australia - March 2015

Sofala, Australia - March 2015

"My husband is Irish Catholic and myself atheist. Amy delivered us a respectful non-religious ceremony that beautifully acknowledged the religious background of the grooms family - they felt it was beautiful and to us that was really important. So often I hear people say their wedding ceremony was a blur and that it was over before they knew what was happening. Amy had us hanging on every moment, conscious and present within the heady dreamscape of our own wedding. We took in every moment because of the way Amy spoke to us and through us.  " 
- Sasha, Sydney

"Amy has an inner depth of understanding you just don't see in many people and an outer glow to make you feel at ease. She listened intently to our needs and desires and brought her magical presence to our day. It was a wedding like no other because it didn't feel like any normal wedding. It was a celebration of our love witnessed by our nearest and dearest and Amy made sure everyone felt it. One of Amy's biggest talents is her gift with words - the way she chooses words, the way she speaks words and the way she holds a space."
- Brian, Dublin