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A unique part of my Ministry is Communications & Online Marketing consultancy which I offer to organisations and individuals who want to lead with their Spirit and ultimately serve to awaken. My unique experience stems from a decade working in the Arts followed by 8 years in corporate communications - topped off with a two year Interfaith Ministry seminary training and a life's devotion to be of service. If y'curious you can view my full CV here

What I offer is unique. It rides the emerging edge of where Spiritual meets Digital - and serves as an alive inquiry into how online spaces can serve us to truly connect, attract and cultivate community. I believe that if you're not doing all you can to share and promote your services, you're stealing from those who need you most. If you truly believe in what you're offering - than having the right online presence only multiplies your reach, impact and potential. Our world needs all the beauty it can get - and I'm guessing you, m'friend - have beauty to bring. 

I have the Marketing  acumen & the deep listening skills to hold space for your initiative, project or ministry to emerge with a clear and aligned presence and voice. Sound like something you need? Here's what I offer... 

I offer the following packages:

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Package 1
Intentions, Channels & Strategy

Over 4 sessions we will explore, plan and develop the following:

  • Branding: let your spirit be your brand, how can we bring all of you to this?
  • Online opportunities: what channels/platforms are available/right for you?
  • Intentions: what is this online presence trying to do for you?
  • Intentions: what is this online presence trying to do for your clients?
  • Inspirations: what works / calls out / sings to you? What does this say about how best to embody your spirit/purpose online?
  • Audience mapping: who are they/ where are they / how do we find them? Primary audience + secondary audience
  •  Key messages: what do people need to know about you/your business/ministry
  •  Goals/targets – clear goals: what are we working towards?

By the end of these sessions you will be clear on:

  • Your brand: what you are and what you're not
  • What online channels/platforms are best for you
  • What your key messages are
  • Where your audience are and how/where to find them
  • Communication opportunities & channels
  • Goals/targets
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Package 2
Platforms, Birthing & Launching

Over 4 sessions we will develop and implement this strategy and build your online platforms and channels. This includes:

  • Developing your Brand Guidelines: logo, colours, fonts - how to bring YOU online
  • A bespoke website built on Squarespace (additional yearly Squarespace subscription = approx. £120+ tax – full prices here.)
  • Guidance and support in how to use your Squarespace site
  • Setting up Mailchimp Newsletter platform & mailing lists
  • Creation of bespoke Newsletter template for updates & mailing lists
  • Develop presence on 2 agreed Social Media channels e.g Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
  • Tutorial in Social Media scheduling/events etc

By the end of these sessions you will have: 

  • a beautiful, integrated Squarespace website
  • clear brand identity & guidelines
  • a newsletter platform, mailing lists and templates
  • social media platforms & a plan for how best to utilise

Want to pick my brains? Or assess your progress? 

I’m available for one-off catch up sessions and reviews - or even if you just want to pick my brains on something  - let's chat it over.  I offer sessions starting at £60/hour.

Want to bring me onboard for a special project, launch or moment?

Sounds delightful - my day rate is £500.


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